Your Dog Deserves the Best

and Most Comfortable Dog Harness


I used to think that dog harnesses were for only two types of dogs – sissy dogs or vicious dogs. My dogs weren’t sissies or vicious, so I’d never put a harness on them. No, they’d be stylin’ in classy dog collars, all the while looking down their noses at their poor canine friends whose owners made them wear harnesses.

Man, was I ever wrong. I soon learned that dog collars and dog harnesses have two very different purposes.

Dog Collars

Dog collars should have an i.d. attached and should be worn all the time, just in case the worst happens and your poor dog finds himself on his own in strange surroundings. Of course, everyone always says that could never happen to their dog. But bad things sometimes happen. A neighbor opens your gate and forgets to close it. A thief breaks into your house and lets your dog loose. Or maybe Fido gets bored and digs his way under your secure fence into the neighbor’s yard that isn’t enclosed.

Dog Harnesses

Dog harnesses are far more comfortable than collars when out walking and training. How would you like to be dragged around by a piece of leather wrapped around your neck? No, you say? That was my answer as well.

There are many kinds of harnesses. You may end up trying out more than one before finding the perfect match for your dog. And if he could, Fido would definitely thank you for no longer pulling the collar around his neck to get him to walk in a different direction. Harnesses are much more comfortable and won’t cause damage to your dog’s neck.

So do right by your dog – put a collar with i.d. on his neck and use a harness for walks with your best friend.