Padded Back Clip Dog Harness

The Unho Padded Dog Harness is a comfortable, high quality dog harness made for dogs of all different sizes.


  • The material used in this harness is durable, high quality mesh nylon which is breathable, thereby providing more comfort for your pooch. Knowing that your dog is comfortable gives you peace of mind.
  • The nickel plated hardware on this dog harness is sturdy and long lasting without rusting. The D ring is heavy duty.
  • The saddle type back provides more comfort for your pet, especially for larger dogs.
  • The handle at the top of the harness allows you to stop your dog if you sense danger, but it lies flat when not in use.

Users really like how easy it is to put this dog harness on their dog and take it off. The adjustable buckle gives enough flexibility to make the fit comfortable and secure for your pet.

Another thing that users really like is that this harness gives them excellent control over their dog, without worrying about hurting their dog’s neck, something that can happen when using a regular collar.

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