A Dog Harness to Steer Your Dog’s Walking

Did you ever think of attaching two leashes to your dog’s harness in order to steer him wherever you wanted him to go? The Halti Harness is just that kind of dog harness. I love this concept!

Designed by a veterinarian, the Halti Harness is a no pull dog harness that consists of a strap that goes across the front of your dog’s chest and then attaches to one that encircles the back and belly of your pooch.

The girth strap is gently padded to keep the harness is place, even on the most active dogs according to the manufacturer. In addition, the girth strap sits further back on the dog’s body than do most other harnesses. This helps to prevent chafing under the dog’ s forelegs so that the dog will be more comfortable.

One leash attaches in the front of the harness, giving you more control over your dog’s attempts to pull and also preventing that uncomfortable pressure against the dog’s throat that they experience with plain dog collars.


You can also attach a leash to the back of the harness so that you have a double leash for more control of your dog. There is also a collar clip for added security.

You should only need to use the leash attached to the front when you need to re-direct your dog’s attention. Instead of using two separate leashes, I think that you could use one long leash that has a fastener at each end. That might make it easier to pull correctly when needed.

If you are looking for a well made, but simple harness to lead train your favorite four-legged companion, then the Halti Harness may just fit the bill. I haven’t tried this leash myself but would like to give it a try. Please make a comment below if you have tried it.

Click on the image and check it out.

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