Dog Harness for Easy Walking

The Pet Safe Easy Walk Harness is a great dog harness for dogs of all sizes. It comes in a wide variety of sizes, including Petite, Petite/Small, Small, Small/Medium, Medium, Medium/Large, Large, and Extra large.

In addition to the different sizes, the straps on this dog harness are made from soft strong nylon and have 4 adjustment points that make it possible to fit your dog regardless of his shape. And this means comfort for your dog.

The harness is minimal, without a padded saddle sitting on the dog’s shoulders. The strap in the front sits low so there is no chance of choking the dog.

Users find that harness is not only durable, but gives the owner better control over dogs who have a tendency to pull. Since the leash hooks onto the harness in the front of this harness and the front strap tightens when the dogs pulls, it immediately turns the dog around to face you while limiting his ability to continue walking forward.

After finding himself turned around a few times with a tightened front strap, your dog learns that pulling on the lead is of little or no benefit.



Some dog owners started out skeptical. They mentioned in reviews that they had tried many dog harnesses and didn’t really expect this one to work, but many became true believers when they saw it working on their dogs.

Users have demonstrated their overwhelming approval of this harness. There are 4,196 reviews on Amazon at the end of 2015 with an average 4+-star rating.

This Easy Walk dog harness is perfect for training any dog to walk properly on a lead without causing any pain to your pet.

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