Escape-Proof Dog Harness for Dogs Like Houdini

This is my very favorite dog harness. One of my dogs could escape from every harness that I tried. When I put the Ruffwear Web Master Harness on her, she had finally met her match. No escaping from this harness.

Ruffwear has a reputation for making fine quality dog products, and I can testify to the truth of that. The harness is nicely padded in places that might irritate my dog’s skin, but it straps around the the dog’s body in three places instead of two.

Of course, there are the straps around the chest front and the chest just behind the front legs like many other harnesses. But there’s a third strap – behind my dog’s deep chest. Since this strap cannot fit over her chest, her Houdini efforts are in vain.

The Web Master dog harness comes in sizes for all dogs. My only complaint about this harness is that there aren’t more colors. I’d like to have a different color on each of my five dogs so that I don’t have to look carefully at which one goes on which dog. But besides that, how cool would it be to have all five dogs out for a walk with each one wearing a different color dog harness!!

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