No Pull Dog Harness for Big Dogs

If you are looking for a great dog harness for your medium, large, or extra large dog that will help you train your dog to walk on a lead without pulling, then please take a look at the HDP No Pull Harness. It is an excellent choice for strong dogs that like to pull.

Some reviewers mentioned that their dogs still pull, but this harness makes it easier to manage the dog when he is pulling. Most important is that your dog won’t choke when pulling like he might if wearing a collar.

This harness has both adjustable chest and belly straps making it easy to get on and off and allowing you to get the most secure and comfortable fit for your dog. The straps are wider than what you will find on most harnesses in order to withstand the pulling of large dogs.

But note that the straps are not padded – only the saddle of the harness is padded.HDP red dog harness

Another feature that gives you better control of your strong dog is the handle on the back. You can use it for control when putting the harness on or when out walking and you need to hold him firm.

It comes in five colors including black, pink, red, purple, and royal blue. You can get a preview of what the harness looks like in those colors before purchasing. Several reviewers said that they particularly like the reflective strip on top for visibility when out at night.

This harness is perfect for dog owners who enjoy long walks with their dog and want to be in charge of the stroll.

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