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Halti Steering Harness

A Dog Harness to Steer Your Dog’s Walking

Did you ever think of attaching two leashes to your dog’s harness in order to steer him wherever you wanted him to go? The Halti Harness is just that kind of dog harness. I love this concept! Designed by a veterinarian, the Halti Harness is a no pull dog harness that consists of a strap […]

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Pet Safe Easy Walk

Dog Harness for Easy Walking

The Pet Safe Easy Walk Harness is a great dog harness for dogs of all sizes. It comes in a wide variety of sizes, including Petite, Petite/Small, Small, Small/Medium, Medium, Medium/Large, Large, and Extra large. In addition to the different sizes, the straps on this dog harness are made from soft strong nylon and have […]

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No Pull Harness for Big Dogs

No Pull Dog Harness for Big Dogs

If you are looking for a great dog harness for your medium, large, or extra large dog that will help you train your dog to walk on a lead without pulling, then please take a look at the HDP No Pull Harness. It is an excellent choice for strong dogs that like to pull. Some […]

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Chai no-pull reflective material

No-Pull Dog Harness with Reflective Material

When you go out for walks with your beloved dog, does his pulling on the leash turn your relaxing stroll into a nightmare and leave you with aching shoulders and arms after only a few minutes? You love your dog, but you’d like your walks to be a time of enjoyment for both of you. […]

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